Like something with a bit of crunch? We’ve got a good selection of American nuts and seeds, coated and packed full of flavour. Check out the range today and try some for yourself.

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Beer Nuts Original Peanuts – 3oz (85g)

Beer Nuts is an American brand of snack food building on the original product, peanuts with a sweet-and-salty glazing. According to the manufacturer, the ingredients include peanuts, coconut oilcorn syrup and salt. In the United States, Beer Nuts are a staple of bar snacks and are often referred to as "the quintessential American bar food".

BIGS Sunflower Seeds – Buffalo Wing – 5.35oz (152g) 

BIGS sunflower seeds are roasted and seasoned with real cayenne pepper, garlic, and paprika for an authentic, mouth-watering flavor reminiscent of the original wings created in Buffalo, NY in 1964. Pop these bad boys in your mouth and taste the perfect blend of tanginess and heat.