Pick & mix is a way of retailing candy in which the candy is picked, mixed and bagged by the customer directly at the point of purchase. The concept of pick and mix is based on the idea of the consumer’s preference for freedom of choice.on the other hand Pick & mix Online You still have Freedom of your choice. we made different bags in different Weight and in different flavours Just come and pick your favorite candy bags and enjoy the delicious taste of pic and mix Candies.

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Chewy Raspberry Bon Bons (100g)

A twist on the classic bon bon flavours, this one mixes raspberry flavour with a pleasant sharp/sour edge. Same awesome chewiness of our other chewy bon bons and we think flavour-wise there's a hint of bubblegum in there but it could be our mind playing tricks because of the blue colour. Other than that it's the classic sugary coating with a chewy centre.

Chewy Strawberry Bon Bons (100g)

Who can resist a pretty-as-a-picture, powder pink bon bon? Strawberry flavour balls of chewiness bons with the familiar sugar-dusted coat and the ultra chewy centre.

Cola Bottles – Haribo (100g)

Little gummy cola bottles. No fizz but tons of cola flavour and we only stock Haribo because we think they're the best - after all Haribo do know a thing or two about how to make great gummy sweets!

Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles

Who could resist these little guys? Don't be fooled by their sugary sweet demeanour... they're feisty, fizzy little blighters. They get you good and proper in the jowls. Just what you want! Gummy bottles bursting out with fizzy bubblegum flavour.

Fizzy Cherry Cola Bottles -(100g)

These are seriously sharp and full of  sour cherry cola flavour. They have the kind of gurn-inducing fizziness that hits you at the back of your cheeks. If you're a sweet/sour freak you'll love them. And we're digging the retro 80's 'cherry cola' flavour vibe!

Fizzy Cola Bottles -(100)

Chewy, refreshingly sharp, jelly cola bottles. Everyone loves these sweets, they're coated with sugar and will give your tastebuds a sharp kick - but in the nicest possible way. We stock ones made by Taveners because, having taste-tested lots over the years, we think they're the best and most flavoursome.

Fizzy Dracula Teeth (100g)

These fantastic fizzy fangs are just the right size to pop behind your top lip and chant spookily, 'I Vant to Suck Your Blood!' Then when you're done scaring the kids you can start chewing the chompers for a delicious fruity fizzy treat,

Fizzy Strawberries (100g)

Rather like the Haribo's Giant Strawberry in terms of size and taste, but with an ever-so-slightly fizzy, sugar coating and a firmer, more chewy texture. Fruitmungus!

Fizzy Suckers (100g)

Fizzy Suckers, or Dummies as they also known, are a real retro classic. These multi-coloured fizzy sweets are made by Kingsway and are our favourites; super sour and gelatine free so good for vegetarians!

Flying Saucers – (30g)

A real blast from the past and a old school playground favourite. Best-selling, papery, colourful flying saucers filled with fizzy, powdery sherbet inside. 30g gives you approximately 23 individual sweets.

Foam Bananas -(100g)

Soft and foamy, delicious and fruity. Mini banana-shaped and banana-flavoured candies. Perfect for little monkies everywhere!

Foam Mushrooms -(100g)

Delicious strawberry milkshake flavour  foamy mushrooms that melt in the mouth. Some varieties are hard, tasteless and chewy but these guys, from Kingsway, are packed full of fruity flavour and are by far the best we've tasted!