Sometimes you just need to add water to make up a batch of your favourite American drinks! We’ve got all your favourite powdered and liquid drink mixes from the United States including the world famous and adored Kool Aid, Country Time, Crush, Slush Puppie and much more! You won’t believe how much flavour is packed into our drink mixes.

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Coffee-Mate French Vanilla Creamer 15oz (425g)

Brought to you by the makers of NESCAFÉ coffee, Coffee-Mate is here to enhance your everyday coffee moments, making every sip smoother and silkier. It's a non dairy creamer which can be used as a milk substitute for coffee. Great for those that are lactose intolerant!  Imported from the USA.

Coffee-Mate Sugar Free French Vanilla 10.2oz (289g)

Coffee Mate Sugar Free French Vanilla is the way to make a delicious cup of velvety smooth vanilla perfection with all the taste and non of the guilt. Whether you’re sharing this indulgent treat with your friends or taking time out to relax and recharge, the rich, smooth taste of Coffee Mate is a great way to liven up your cup.

Coffee-Mate Sugar Free Vanilla Caramel Creamer 10.2oz (289g)

Coffee-mate's Vanilla and Caramel Sugar Free non-dairy powdered coffee creamer is a sweet sensation, combining the irresistible taste of indulgent caramel with rich vanilla flavor. Vanilla Caramel evokes the flavors of "Dulce de Leche," a decadent caramel dessert from Latin America.

Coffee-Mate Vanilla Caramel Creamer 15oz (425g)

Transform the coffee you like into the coffee you love with Coffee mate Vanilla Caramel coffee creamer. Smooth and buttery with indulgent caramel and exotic vanilla, this traditional flavor is lactose-free, cholesterol-free, and gluten-free.

Crush – Singles to Go – Berry Punch 0.55 OZ (15.5g)

Crush Berry Punch 2 Go is the best way to experience berry punch taste in your ordinary glass of water, all you need to do is add the powder to the water and you will be seconds away from your most refreshing glass of water yet!  6 servings per box.

Hawaiian Punch – Singles to Go! Berry Limeade Blast – 0.69oz (19.6g)

Whether you're relaxing in the sunshine or on the go quench your thirst with a refreshing Hawaiian Punch Berry Limeade Blast!

Hawaiian Punch – Singles to Go! Green Berry Rush – 0.73oz (20.6g)

Green Berry Rush is a delicious mix of kiwi and strawberry that just needs adding to water for a refreshing drink at home or on the go!

Hawaiian Punch – Singles to Go! Orange Ocean – 0.95oz (26.9g)

Whether you're relaxing in the sunshine or on the go quench your thirst with a refreshing Hawaiian Punch Orange Ocean!

Hawaiian Punch – Singles to Go! Polar Blast – 0.76oz (21.4g)

Easy to make, just mix and shake for a refreshing Hawaiian Punch Polar Blast thirst quencher on the go!

Hawaiian Punch – Singles to Go! Wild Purple Smash – 0.75oz (21.1g)

Whether you're relaxing in the sunshine or on the go quench your thirst with a refreshing Hawaiian Punch Wild Purple Smash!

Kool Aid – Blue Raspberry Lemonade Tub – 20oz (567g)

Visitors coming and you're out of squash! Don't worry Kool Aid will come to the rescue - oh yeah! What could be easier than mixing up a refreshing batch of this popular powdered drink mix.

Kool Aid Black Cherry 3.6g

Now you can enjoy this famous American beverage in your own home. Kool Aid powder just needs to be mixed with water and sugar to create a delicious and refreshing drink. Available in many flavours, there’s sure to be something for everyone.