The bubble gum got its name from the phrase "Hubba Hubba", which some military personnel in World War II used to express approval.The main gimmick used to promote the gum is that as Hubba Bubba's is less sticky than other brands of gum it is easier to peel off your skin after a bubble bursts. When Hubba Bubba was first marketed, the gum's flavor (often referred to as 'original') was similar to that of others, but over time, different flavors of gum have been produced all around the world. Many, but not all, of these flavors are fruit-based. In addition, Hubba Bubba products have branched out, and also include flavors of soda, bubble gum and squeeze pouches.


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Hubba Bubba Bubble Max Origional 5 Pices

Hubba Bubba Max Original 5 Pieces. Outrageous Original bubble-gum flavor with that beloved bubble-gum taste. Individually wrapped, soft, chewy bubble gum. The perfect gum for challenging friends to bubble-blowing contests.

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