Nestle are the biggest food company in the world and have many different products that all have a fantastic standard of quality. Nestle make products ranging from chocolate bars to milk shakes and enjoy success in nearly every country in the world.

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Kit Kat Chunky Peanut Butter 43g

A delicious spin on the Kit Kat Chunky we all know and love! Now filled with smooth peanut butter for whole new levels of decadence!

Kit Kat Duos Dark Chocolate Mint – 1.5oz (42.5g)

Kit Kat's crispy wafers have been dipped in decadent dark chocolate on the bottom and dipped in a refreshing mint creme on top resulting in a  perfectly balanced, striking two-tone Kit Kat.

Kit Kat Duos Mocha – 1.5oz (42g)

Double the deliciousness, this dynamic flavour combination wraps the classic KIT KAT wafers with a rich mocha flavoured crème on the top and silky sweet chocolate on the bottom, for a match made in chocolate heaven.

Kit Kat Limited Edition Apple Pie – 1.5oz (42g)

The Apple of My Pie! This New Apple Pie Kit Kat is as good as fresh from the oven. Crisp wafers meet apple pie flavored white crème to make a break that screams summer. But hurry! It's here for a limited time only.

Kit Kat Limited Edition Key Lime Pie – 1.5oz (42g)

It's a sweet and tangy treat to tide you over until your next slice of pie! This limited-edition flavour from the States won't be around long so if you'd like to try this flavour, grab yours whilst stocks last!

Kit Kat Limited Editon Birthday Cake – 1.5oz (42g)

Birthdays should be special and this Kit Kat Limited Edition Birthday Cake bar certainly is. That familiar light and crispy Kit Kat wafer has been smothered in delicious white vanilla flavoured crème and covered with colourful crunchy sprinkles to keep the party going!

Kit Kat White Chocolate 1.5oz (42g)

The same kit kat taste, everyone knows and loves, now available in a white chocolate version!

Kit Kat White Chocolate Unwrapped Minis – King Size – 2.2oz (62g)

Take a break and try this new variety of the iconic Kit Kat. Unwrapped mini crispy wafers smothered in smooth melt in your mouth white chocolate. One will definitely not be enough so it's just as well it's a King Size bag - perfect for sharing. Pop them in your bag, car or desk drawer for an indulgent sweet treat anytime, anywhere!

Nestle Lion Caramel & Chocolate Cereal – 250g

LION Cereal is the king of cereals! An indulgent mix of chocolate, scrumptious caramel and whole grain. What more could you want.

Nestle Lion Wild Crush Caramel & Chocolate Cereal – 150g

Ok, you've thrown off the duvet and are ready to get a great start to the day and what better way than with a bowl of Nestle. From humble beginnings Nestlé have evolved and become a household name producing quality products you can trust. Nestle Lion Wild Crush Caramel and Chocolate Cereal combine all the flavours of your favourite sweet treat with nutritious cereal for a flavoursome way to fuel your day!

Nestle Runts – 51g

These bright, shiny, rainbow-coloured candy pieces look like they've just been plucked from the sweetest fruit tree in all of Wonka land! This big box contains a variety of fruit-flavoured, fruit-shaped pieces of delicious Wonka candy. This is the large theatre box that you get in the cinemas in the States. A treat for your taste buds and a true family favourite to share!

Nestle SweeTarts Candy Canes – 5.28oz (150g) 

Nothing says festive quite like a candy cane, and why settle for boring flavours when you can have these delicious SweeTarts Candy Canes in 3 tangy, fruity flavors including Blue Punch, Green Apple and Cherry!